Žemės plėtra

JSC „Žemės plėtra“ buys:
- Plots of land, situated in Vilnius region, that states agricultural, residential or commercial land use.
- We prepare all documentation needed for the purchase of land. Your documents could not be prepared or well-organized, ownership of the land is not restored, the land could be matrgaged, etc.
– We will solve all there problems.  
JSC „Žemės plėtra“ helps to buy:
- We help finding a plot of land according to customers needs in regards to its place, size, land use and the price.
- We profesionally mediate in negotiations with a seller.
- We organise the merger or division of plots of lands according to customer‘s need.
- We check the land ownership documents for its authenticity and legitimacy.- We represent our clients in all public or private organizations for purchase of land, we prepare all necessary documents, that are needed for the purchase of land.
At this moment "Žemės plėtra" is looking for plots of land (for more information press the link).